Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Award From MamaTisya

Nie Ist time dapat award dari MamaTisya coz I voted for her sweetie princess Tisya dalam "TODDLER SUPER MODEL CONTEST" anjuran MamaAqish. Hopefully Tisya menang la dalam contest nie....... For MamaTisya, thanks for the award.................


mama tisya said...

tq2 vote utk tisya

psl banner tu mcm ni

add gadget pastu select PICTURE
pastu upload gmbr father's day contest lps tu kt part link tu msk kn link bwh ni
and save

shawLycious said...

Miss Selfridge and H&M tops and dresses. Tie Rack scarves and ties, Jane Norman and Principles handbags and clutches. Come and grab yours now!:)